You can make a difference

Feb 10, 2014

With less than 18 months left in The Eliminate Project fundraising campaign, each day counts—especially for the women and babies in the 25 countries that remain at risk of maternal and  neonatal tetanus. You and your club can make an impact in 2014 and help ensure that the Kiwanis family reaches its US$110 million goal by 2015. Consider these ideas.

1. Have fun raising money. Test your skills, tournament style, in any game with a ball, or you could even throw a ball, the kind with dancing. Find innovative fundraising ideas (including ideas specifically for Service Leadership Programs) and tools that can maximize your efforts to raise funds and save lives. Each sample project includes a timeline, to-do list, reminders and tips about putting your own twist on the idea.

2. Inspire your club. Sometimes we can focus on numbers and lose sight of the impact we’re making—that we are actually changing the world by saving lives. Share one of these campaign videos—The Eliminate Project: This is our moment or It starts with you—with your club members, family and friends. You can also invite a guest speaker, such as a health professional or a campaign volunteer, to one of your meetings.

3. Get advice from your peers. Contact other clubs to find out how they’re raising funds  for The Eliminate Project. What has been working for them can definitely work for you.

4. Be an advocate. Tell friends and family why Kiwanis International and your club are raising money to save lives. Post club progress and photos on social media. Don’t forget to include campaign progress like this: Six countries plan to immunize more than 4.6 million women of childbearing age in 2014. Plus, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The Eliminate Project is the Kiwanis-family’s chance to change the world and make history. What will you and your club do to be part of it?

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