Skip-a-Meal begins in April

Feb 10, 2014

The month of April is always full of activity for Kiwanis clubs. There’s Kiwanis One Day and also the Kiwanis International Foundation’s Skip-a-Meal program. Skip-a-Meal is a program in which clubs or individuals choose to forego their usual morning coffee, club lunch or restaurant dinners and donate that equivalent cost to the foundation. And people have a lot of fun with it! Remember, US$5 equals seven meals for children.

One of our favorite stories is from the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston, Jamaica. They raised  money by extending the Skip-a-Meal’s theme to a weight-loss competition for club members. With "KCNK's Biggest Loser," each participant's Skip-a-Meal gift also served as an entry fee. Participants were weighed and measured weekly, and anyone who gained weight from the previous week was "fined" for each pound gained. Club leaders arranged for two-month sponsorships at three local gyms, awarding one each to the first-, second- and third-place weight losers. Using the contest as an extra incentive, the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston ultimately gave our foundation JA$26,060 (approximately US$300) through the Skip-a-Meal program.

Another idea to consider is coordinating a potluck or a pitch-in dinner. If you’re a club, invite people to your meetings, or if you’re an individual, invite friends, family, neighbors and even club members to your home. Ask all individuals to contribute one food item that’s inexpensive and easy to make. Use the gathering as an opportunity to explain the mission of the Kiwanis International Foundation and the purpose of Skip-a-Meal. If it would be appropriate, you can collect contributions or pledges to the Skip-a-Meal program. Remember, it only takes US$5 to supply seven meals for children.

The Kiwanis International Foundation wants to know what you plan to do in the month of April to raise money for Skip-a-Meal. Share your story and email Let’s make the most out of this program in the month of April. Children around the world need our help. And all we have to do is skip a meal.