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Project Update: Schoolchildren in Pakistan receive much-needed supplies

Feb 10, 2014

In Pakistan, there’s a live-in school for destitute children called Fatima House. Electricity, provided by diesel generators, is sparse. Malaria is common, but medical supplies are rare. Bedding and clothing are old. School supplies are shared and workbooks are written in. This was reality before The Kiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Golden K in Ontario, Canada, stepped in. When the club received a grant from our foundation, the children’s lives were forever changed.

Because of their destitute life situations at home, some of the students at Fatima House are allowed to live at the school, allowing them more opportunities for a brighter future. Sixty-five students live on campus. That’s only about one tenth of the total number of students at the school, which total nearly 600.

In the past, old textbooks and workbooks were shared among students. This required students to erase or write over previous answers. The Kiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Golden K provided new textbooks for all students to use.One student couldn’t see the text in his workbooks or on the blackboard due to his poor eyesight and he relied mainly on verbal instruction. Thanks to the club, this student received prescription eyeglasses and a magnifying ruler and he can now work on his own.

Outside the classroom, the live-in students lacked many everyday items, toiletries and clean clothes. But, because of the club, they were pleased to receive clean, new bedding, a supply of soap and shampoo and new clothing. Electricity at the school came and went depending on fuel for the generator. But, the club resupplied diesel fuel for the school’s generator. In the past year, 56 students contracted Malaria. But thanks in part to the financial assistance from Kiwanis, the students received the necessary medical treatment.

The Kiwanis International Foundation helped extend this Kiwanis club’s impact from Ontario to Pakistan!