Need some advice this Valentine’s Day? Couples who plan together, stay together.

Feb 10, 2014

This Valentine's Day, make sure you set aside time for you and your life partner—a nice candlelit dinner, some soft music, a bouquet of flowers, a glass of red wine, some estate planning documents and investment statements. Really!

One thing couples should do together is plan their long-term financial goals, including goals for after they are gone. You can identify methods for making incredible impacts during your life together, while also ensuring that your loved ones are secure after you are gone.

Even young couples can benefit from this exercise, as planned giving options exist that can fit at numerous phases of life. In addition to the benefits of establishing a will and ensuring your Kiwanis values forever, young couples can also consider other avenues to make an impact, such as making Kiwanis the beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement policy.

For more information about planned giving options, contact Steve Hinson, manager of major and planned giving, at +1-317-217-6234 or at You insure your valuables, right? So, why not ensure your values?