Planned Gifts—what are they?

Jan 14, 2014

Planned giving is a way to make a greater impact over a lifetime, and even after, than what could be possible through personal income alone. One great thing about planned giving is that it’s a sure way to ensure your values and guarantee that the Kiwanis International Foundation will be able to extend your Kiwanis impact and change children’s lives—even beyond your own.

Planned giving is made possible by a variety of means, which can actually provide you with tax savings and/or guaranteed income during your life.

Planned giving opportunities include:

  • A bequest to the Kiwanis International Foundation through a will or trust.
  • Life insurance that names the Kiwanis International Foundation as a beneficiary.
  • A life income gift to the Kiwanis International Foundation that also provides lifetime income for you or your loved ones.
  • Naming the Kiwanis International Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA.
  • An estate gift that deeds a residence to the Kiwanis International Foundation while retaining your full rights to live on the property for life.

Each of these different methods of giving have their own individual applications and benefits that will be different for everyone. To ensure you know which method of giving is best for you, consult a legal or tax professional. If you wish to make a planned gift, please inform the Kiwanis International Foundation of your intent to give so we can ensure your wishes are carried out.

Finally, one thing you should always remember is that your estate doesn’t have to been large to make an impact. This often holds true when you consider many of us have more upon death than we did in life.

The Kiwanis International Foundation has special recognition for those who choose to give through a planned gift.

Making a planned gift is easy and the Kiwanis International Foundation is here to help you along the way. More information is available on our planned giving page or contact Steve Hinson, manager of major and planned giving, at +1-317-217-6234 or at