Corporate matching gifts

Many companies have a matching gift program: you give an amount, and your employer matches it by giving the same amount. Some companies even have a program for retirees, directors and employee spouses.

Today, more and more companies offer online matching gift processing, so no form is required—just let them know you donated to Kiwanis Children's Fund, and they take care of the rest. Many companies will also allow donations via payroll deduction, so the Children's Fund receives your donation and their matching gift in one lump sum!

How about your employer? If you don’t know, we can help. Just take these three steps:

1. Donate
Make a donation, and be sure to keep your receipt. Many corporate matching programs will allow up to one year after your donation to request a match.

Give to the Kiwanis Children's Fund

Download a gift/pledge form to donate by mail or fax

2. Search
To find out whether your company will match gifts to the Kiwanis Children's Fund, enter your employer's name in the box below. No results? You may still have a matching program. Check with your company's human resources department to see if it sponsors a matching gift program that will match your gift to the Kiwanis Children's Fund.

3. Match

Download your company’s matching gift verification form. Print it, fill it out and mail it with your gift and the donation form (if you have not already mailed your gift or made your donation online) to:

Kiwanis Children's Fund
3636 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268, USA

The form can also be sent via fax to +1-317-217-6636. Or email it to

Questions? We’re here to help. Email