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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my gift support the mission of Kiwanis International?
Every gift—of Today, Tomorrow or Forever—brings change to a child’s life. That’s what makes the Kiwanis Children's Fund special. Below are the giving opportunities available through our organization.

  • Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Unrestricted gifts provide programming and operational support to the Children's Fund. These gifts allow the Children's Fund to carry out the mission of Kiwanis International.
  • Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund houses many of the planned gifts that members have made to the Children's Fund. These funds are used to support the future of Kiwanis and enable our organization to make grants.
  • Youth Opportunities Fund. The Youth Opportunities Fund supports the work of Key Club International, the Kiwanis family’s leadership program for high school students. This fund provides grants for service projects to help Key Club members serve the world.
  • Tomorrow Fund. The Tomorrow Fund supports Circle K International, the Kiwanis-family program for university and college students. This fund helps CKI and its members make an impact through grants for service events and projects.
  • Disaster Relief Fund. Our disaster relief program provides emergency disaster-relief grants to Kiwanis-family districts and clubs responding to natural disasters in their communities. Disaster-relief gifts support grants that allow Kiwanians to feed, clothe and shelter children and families affected by catastrophe. For example, the Children's Fund has provided disaster relief support in Asia Pacific for hurricanes and typhoons, in Europe for floods, and across North America.
  • Global Campaign for Children. Gifts to the Global Campaign for Children support The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. The active fundraising phase of this campaign concluded in December 2015; our focus in the coming years will be on pledge fulfillment.
  • Donor Advised Fund. Kiwanians can make their own grants for specific purposes that are meaningful to them. A donor advised fund is a permanent, endowed fund available through the Kiwanis Children's Fund to individual Kiwanians, as well as their families, Kiwanis clubs and districts. Members with a donor advised fund make an irrevocable, tax-deductible (U.S. donors only) gift—and then recommend grant distributions to qualified charitable organizations.
2. What percentage of my gift is taken out for fundraising expenses?
Approximately 19 percent of the budget will be used for fundraising-related expenses. Seventy-one (71) percent of total expenses is spent on programs. Read more.

3. Can I donate by check?

Absolutely! Please make checks payable to the Kiwanis Children's Fund and mail to Kiwanis Children's Fund, P.O. Box 6457 - Dept #286, Indianapolis, IN 46206.

4. Can I donate through stock?

Yes. Contact Lynda Schmutte at Merrill Lynch for gifts of securities at 317-706-6917. Read more.

5. Can I make a gift through wire transfer?

Yes. Please contact the Kiwanis Children's Fund for specific instructions for wire or ACH transfers. Call 1-800-549-2647, ext. 236 (U.S. and Canada), or +1-317-217-6236 (worldwide). Or email us at childrensfund@kiwanis.org.

6. Is my gift tax-deductible?

U.S. donors are eligible for tax benefits. The Kiwanis Children's Fund is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.

7. Will I receive a receipt for my gift?

Of course. An acknowledgment letter will be mailed to the address provided to recognize your full gift amount. This can be used for tax purposes (U.S. donors only). Contact us if you do not receive this letter within 60 days of making your gift. A year-end statement is mailed to donors once all gifts through December 31 have been recorded.

8. Is my online gift secure?

Absolutely. To help protect your online privacy, the Kiwanis Children's Fund keeps email addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses and other information secure by using password-protected areas and restricted access.

9. Why should I trust the Kiwanis Children's Fund with my charitable gift?

The Kiwanis Children's Fund places the highest priority on integrity and transparency, and we adhere to the Donor Bill of Rights.

10. What recognition is available for my individual gift?

The Children's Fund celebrates gifts in several ways. Learn more about the recognition opportunities available to you.

11. Is club recognition available?

Yes. Learn more about the Today Club program and the Club Gift campaign.

12. What type of grants does the Kiwanis Children's Fund support?

The types of projects we fund vary in size, depth and scope, with priority given to Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs and projects involving children. Download the list of our grant recipients since October 2007 or check for stories on our blog.

For additional questions, please contact the Kiwanis Children's Fund.