Videos about strengthening your club

Whether you’re looking for tips on making your meetings fun, or ideas on how to increase your community impact, these videos provide practical information to help you shake things up.

The power of thanks

We all appreciate a little appreciation. And it doesn't always have to be a big production.

How to build a network with win-win local partnerships

Are you hardwired to serve? If so, here's how thinking a little differently about what you do and who you interact with every day could help you do even more.

How to increase your community impact

Focus your club on specific and visible projects.

How to leverage corporate membership for your club

Make corporate membership attractive and keep corporate members engaged by being flexible.

How to be ready for young professionals in your club

Think about how you communicate if you’re looking to invite more young professionals to join.

Making your club attractive to young professionals

Young professionals are often energetic and ready to serve and lead. Consider your meeting and communication style, dues and events and service projects if you’re interested in inviting many to your club.

How to change your club in one minute

Interested in making some changes in your club? Little things can make a big difference.

How to love, share and live Kiwanis

Learn how use what you love to invite others.

How to reinvent your club

Amy Zimmerman of the Cincinnati, Ohio, Kiwanis Club explains how her club transformed itself and what other clubs can do to refine their purpose and brand and develop a vision for the future.

The benefits a club coach of The Formula offers you

Club coaches want to help clubs raise the bar and make sure all members love their Kiwanis experience.

Counseling clubs: Two approaches

Counselors are much more coaches than professors. In these two scenarios, we explore what happens when a counselor tells a club what to do, and what happens when the club can see it for themselves.