Videos about how to share Kiwanis with others

Looking to invite others to your club? Hear how to create a membership event, or see what Kiwanians like you have said and done to bring in new members.

Share your Kiwanis impact

When hearts and minds unite in purpose—and then even more join them—anything is

Let the world know

We all are quick to say we love many things, like shoes, chocolate, or dogs. Think about what could happen if we all shared more with others about the things we do through Kiwanis that are making the world better.

The Formula for engaging and retaining members

When membership is engaged and thriving, the club thrives. Communities thrive. Children thrive.

The Formula for giving a one-minute speech

Need help telling someone what Kiwanis is? Speak from the heart.

How to create an effective membership committee

These seven tips will prepare your committee for a successful year.

How to create successful membership events

Jerry Peuler of the Waldorf, Maryland, Kiwanis Club explains how to welcome guests to your club meetings all year round.

The Formula for inviting new members

Who comes to mind when you think about asking someone to check out your Kiwanis club? If you're not sure how to ask them, here's how to break the ice.

The Formula for inviting young professionals to your club

It’s all about perception—their perception of Kiwanis and your perception of them.

A portrait of Kiwanis

Perfect for membership events, this video is documentary-style and shows members explain Kiwanis’ impact.

I am Kiwanis

Kiwanians believe in people and care about service.