Videos about retaining and engaging members

Want to make sure your members are satisfied with their experience? Keen to get new members involved? We have tips for you.

The Formula for engaging new members

Help your club members feel valued.

How to get your members engaged

Passion drives engagement.

The Formula for good meetings

Members want to feel like their time, talent and money are making a different. Club meetings are often a strong indicator of your club. So make them special.

How to develop leaders

Pick your team, then play like crazy.

10 ways to make your meetings fun

These creative ideas will make members excited to come back.

How to increase the value of the member experience

Dennis Cantlay of Margate-Coconut Creek, Florida, Kiwanis Club explains how his division has had success in inviting others and developing an environment that even younger members enjoy through networking.

How to make your members feel important and needed

Be a person who fills other people’s buckets.