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Why strengthen Kiwanis

Sharing Kiwanis with others
Strengthening your club
Retaining and engaging members
Expressing your love for Kiwanis
Opening a club

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The Calling?

You are needed as a role model, a guide and a builder of dreams. Kids of all kinds from all over the world are reaching out. Answer their call by filling your void. Kids need you. Kiwanis needs you.

What is The Formula?

Designed as an overview, this video explains what The Formula is, why it is important, and why it matters.

Share your Kiwanis impact 

When hearts and minds unite in purpose—and then even more join them—anything is possible. 

This is why it matters

You want to make a difference. That's why you joined a Kiwanis club. Here's why your Kiwanis service matters.

What if?

Ask yourself, what if?

Let the world know

We all are quick to say we love many things, like shoes, chocolate, or dogs. Think
about what could happen if we all shared more with others about the things we do
through Kiwanis that are making the world better.