Share it.

Formula_shareitHave you ever shared your Kiwanis experience with others? With your colleagues, friends or family? Would you proudly post pictures from a Bring Up Grades ceremony on your Facebook page? Would you invite someone you witnessed performing a random act of kindness to visit your club?

If not, what would it take for you to want to do so? What would it take for you want to spread Kiwanis not only to others in your community, but to other communities without clubs?

"Share it" is what happens when members love their clubs. It’s human nature to tell others about great experiences we’ve had with products, services—even Kiwanis. The “Share it” component of The Formula encourages members to spread the word about their clubs. This applies to word-of-mouth communications, including person-to-person invitations to club meetings, social events, fundraisers and service projects. It also applies to external tools and campaigns that help clubs strengthen membership— and it applies to opportunities and resources for opening clubs in communities that don’t yet benefit from Kiwanis.

This is The Formula: Love being a Kiwanian. Love your club. Share it with others. Live it.