Meet The Formula Chairs

The Global Formula Team

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Americas Chair, Jim Dooley                Europe Chair, Robert Jenefsky                   Asia Pacific Chair, Tadao Oda

In October 2013, Kiwanis decided to focus on introducing Kiwanis to new communities in need of dedicated service to children and to strengthen Kiwanis in existing areas by sharing Kiwanis with potential members. The Formula was born and is a member-led, multi-year initiative focusing on Kiwanis members, investing in the Kiwanis experience and ultimately strengthening membership. It’s an opportunity for Kiwanians like you to shape the future of their clubs and the service that impacts their communities.

The Formula has reached all across the globe and is led by three chairs, Americas chair Jim Dooley, Europe chair Robert Jenefsky and Asia Pacific chair Tadao Oda. Get to know our Formula leaders more.

Americas Chair, Jim Dooley

Jim Dooley was recently appointed as Americas chair of The Formula. Jim started his Kiwanis journey in 1969, joining the Kiwanis Club of Perry, Georgia, where he remained a member for 10 years. He returned to Illinois to care for older relatives and restarted his Kiwanis service in 2005 by becoming a member of the Kiwanis Club of Peoria, where he remains a member today.

During his tenure, he has served in numerous officer positions, including club treasurer, vice president and president, as well as lieutenant governor and governor of the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District. He currently serves as a member of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund Board as well.

In 2014, Jim started his Formula service as a club opener and club counselor. He went on to serve as the vice chair and chair for the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District.

“The Formula benefits Kiwanis greatly by meeting the vital need for membership strengthening and new-club opening, which allows Kiwanis to better serve children," Jim says. "More members mean more service, a critical element for the kids in our communities. Each new Kiwanian brings new talents and fresh ideas. The Formula provides a vehicle for making Kiwanis more viable."

Most people may not know that Jim is an Irish tenor, singing in his church choir, and he has a deep love for golf, having moved next to a golf course, although he never has enough time to play.

“The Formula has done magnificent work, and there is much more to do," he says. "All of us need to work together to increase our membership and our service to kids.”

Europe Chair, Robert Jenefsky

As a member of a Geneva business association, Robert was invited to an information evening about Kiwanis organized by the KC Genève Métropole club. He was searching for an opportunity to serve his community and Kiwanis seemed to be an excellent fit. The Genève Métropole club, which was founded 31 years ago as the first mixed club in Switzerland, added an extra draw. He has been a member of his club for 20 years, serving as president, Lt.-Governor and, in 2012-13, as Governor of the Switzerland-Liechtenstein district.  

In 2013-14, Marie-Jeanne Boutroy, then president of Kiwanis International European Federation appointed Robert as chair of the European Committee on Growth and in 2014-2015, the name was changed to the “KI-EF Committee on the Formula” to better reflect the fact that Europe is part of the global Kiwanis membership initiative. 

“The Formula generates awareness, commitment and action at all levels of Kiwanis worldwide towards strengthening and developing our organization in order to ensure its future. Since the beginning of The Formula, worldwide membership numbers have been growing again, and I’m confident they will continue to do so as long as we maintain our commitment to The Formula,” says Robert.

Personally, Robert has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and worked at CERN in Geneva before pursuing a career in industry and teaching. This year, he and his wife Helen, are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. Robert also values communication and speaks English, French, German, Italian and Swiss-German, and have studied Japanese, Russian and Spanish to help him prepare for trips to countries where those languages are spoken.

When asked why Robert decided to dedicate so much of his time to strengthening Kiwanis membership, he replied, “Kids need Kiwanis, today more than ever. I like challenges and projects that offer the prospect of positive societal change.  It’s energizing to work with the dedicated members of the European The Formula team, who commit many hours to helping children by working to develop our organization in their respective countries and districts. We Kiwanians can be proud of what we do to help children, but their needs are inexhaustible and that means we need more Kiwanians, of all ages!”

Asia Pacific Chair, Tadao Oda

Tadao was invited by a colleague in 1999 to attend a club meeting in Sendai City, Japan. He saw how he could benefit Kiwanis and decided to join to make a difference.

At the 2013 International Convention in Vancouver, then International President-designate Gunter Gasser launched the Campaign For Growth (which is the now referred to as The Formula). He then served as ASPAC Chair-designate, and volunteered to serve as ASPAC Region CFG Chair, which later began to be called ASPAC Region Formula Chair.

“ASPAC had been growing prior to The Formula starting. Thanks to The Formula, however, ASPAC began to grow steadily and rapidly. Each district and nation in ASPAC is motivated to share Kiwanis with new communities and strengthen existing clubs. Through my experience as 2008-2011 International Trustee, 2011-2012 ASPAC Vice Chair, and then 2012-2013 ASPAC Chair-elect, I thought I came to know ASPAC and KI much better and I could be of service regarding The Formula. The Formula campaign in ASPAC needed to be adapted to the diversity in language and culture,” Tadao says.

With a great leadership team in place, The Formula looks to strengthen Kiwanis over the next year and a half.

The Global Formula Team