Love it.

Formula_loveitWhy did you become a Kiwanian? Was your father or grandfather a Kiwanian? Did you see the impact that your club had in your local schools? Did you visit a Kiwanis park or pancake breakfast and want to learn more? What do you enjoy about your experience? Why do you remain committed to serving the children of the world?

What would make your experience better? What are your club's aspirations and what would it take to reach them? Do you need to think about trying some new fundraisers? Is there an unmet service need in your community that even more hearts and hands working together could solve? How could you help make your community an even better place?

"Love it" addresses the fact that Kiwanians have unique reasons why they became and remain members. It asks members to draw from what they love about Kiwanis to talk about Kiwanis with others. The “Love it” concept also applies to clubs that need resources to address challenges and opportunities to ensure the club experience is the best possible—to ensure they can, indeed, love their club. This is a win for members and for the communities the club serves. The Formula picks up its “Love it” component from the early “I Love My Club” campaign, which will be continued throughout the initiative.

This is The Formula: Love being a Kiwanian. Love your club. Share it with others. Live it.