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The Formula areas North America
The Formula areas Latin America

Kiwanis districts are divided into geographical areas across North America. Each area has an Area Director assigned to be an asset to each district within their area. Area Directors work closely with district chairs, vice chairs, governors, governors-elect, vice governors, lieutenant governors, district secretary, treasurers and other district leadership within their area to empower them to implement The Formula.

Area Directors conduct on-site field training for volunteers on club opening and club coaching, participate in lieutenant governor education in each of their districts, provide Formula volunteers with materials and training for district and Kiwanis International conventions and participate in monthly calls with The Formula volunteers within their area.

Feel free to reach out to your Area Director with specific questions you have relative to your districts.

Midwest USA Area and California-Nevada-Hawaii
Brian Tenclinger, Area Director Manager
O: +1-317-217-6275
California-Nevada-Hawaii, Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Missouri-Arkansas and Wisconsin-Upper Michigan
INTERIM: Michigan

Northeast USA Area
Chris Martz
O: +1-317-217-6212
Capital, New England & Bermuda, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
INTERIM: West Virginia

Southeast USA Area
Rhonda Vrell
O: 1-800-549-2647, ext. 825
Alabama, Carolinas, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana-Mississippi-W. Tennessee
INTERIM: Kentucky-Tennessee

Mid-Central USA Area
Indiana, Kentucky-Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia

Central USA Area
Brad Boyd
O: +1-317-217-6272
Kansas, Minnesota-Dakotas, Nebraska-Iowa, Rocky Mountain and Texas-Oklahoma
INTERIM: Indiana

Western USA Area
Lynsy Wikel
O: +1-317-217-6207
Montana, Pacific Northwest, Southwest and Utah-Idaho

Canada & Caribbean and Latin America Areas
Eastern Canada & the Caribbean and Western Canada; Latin America