What's your formula?

FORMULA-logoThere are math formulas that solve complex problems. There are science formulas that cure disease. There are formulas that fuel cars and feed people. And there’s a formula for improving lives. It’s a formula for Kiwanis.

The Formula is a member-led, multi-year initiative that focuses on Kiwanis members, investing in the Kiwanis experience and ultimately strengthening membership. It’s an opportunity for Kiwanians like you to shape the future of their clubs and the service that impacts their communities.

The Formula is based on a simple premise: When you love something, you want to share it. When something really matters, you want other people to love it with you. You want it to be more than something you “do”—you want it to be part of your life. 

So, what is The Formula? It’s this:

2014 Kiwanis (Let The World Know) from Kiwanis International on Vimeo.

The Formula is created from the love we feel for our clubs. It’s energized by the pride that inspires us to show others how much we love Kiwanis. And it’s powered by our eagerness to share our experience with others. Ultimately, that’s The Formula: the motivation to make Kiwanis a part of peoples’ lives. And to keep it strong in our own.

This is your opportunity. To shape the future of your club. To do more of what you love. More fellowship. More service. More for your community. More Kiwanis.

This is The Formula: Love it. Share it. Live it.