Club brochures

Club Brochures

Looking to create a buzz about your Kiwanis club? Use personalized brochures to share information about Kiwanis, invite potential members and build relationships with community supporters.

Here’s how to get yours.

  • Fill in the blank—free of charge. Answer a few questions and we’ll create a personalized brochure and provide 50 copies for free! (Additional quantities in sets of 50 are available for a small cost.)
  • Use the template. Customize your message—with this fillable pdf. Add details about your club and its role in your community—as well as meeting times and location. Save it and have it printed locally.
  • Kids need Kiwanis. Order the new Kids need Kiwanis brochure and customize the insert with your club name, contact and meeting details.
  • Invitation only. Simply looking for something to help you invite others? Order the standard “Join us” brochure, which contains a membership application.

Extend a special welcome. Show your friends, family or colleagues what Kiwanis means to you. These new invitations can help you do just that. Here’s how to get yours.

  • Fill in the blanks. Use a fillable version of our file and print your invitations yourself. We offer a postcard-sized invite or a business card.
  • Place an order. We’ll print your customized invitations for you if you answer a few questions and pay a small fee.

Congratulate someone for doing a good job with these special "Do Good" cards. Pass them out when you see someone helping to improve the community for children. It's a great way to recognize a good deed while promoting the work of your Kiwanis club.