Tips and tools for inviting others

Around the world, Kiwanis clubs make their communities better through more than 6 million hours of service each year. Every member represents 36 hours that improve lives every year. Think about what could happen if we all shared our Kiwanis stories—and inspired others to become a part of our movement to improve the world.

In addition to their hearts and hands, new members can bring new ideas, leadership and enthusiasm. Here are some tips for inspiring more people to join your Kiwanis club.

Share your story

You don’t need to know everything about Kiwanis. You just need to start with what it means to you—and then share that story, connecting on a personal level about addressing community needs.

After all, 74% of members joined a Kiwanis club because someone invited them—and for 48% of them, it was a friend or relative.

Your club can also host an open house or special guest day, or invite the community to take part in your Kiwanis One Day event or other club projects. Need ideas of who to invite?

When you’re ready to invite them, we have resources to help you prepare for their visit.

Talk about your impact

Your club is making a positive impact in the community. Does the community know? If you don’t tell them, who will?

Regular communication about your activities will lead you to the name recognition your club deserves—and help attract more members. Posting pictures on your club’s Facebook page, updating your club's website, using community calendars and sending press releases to local newspapers all help create awareness.

Keep members for the long run

When new members join, help them feel valued.

  • Assign a mentor. 
  • Provide them with orientation. 
  • Get them involved early. 
  • Keep in touch with their ideas and opinions—survey them often 

For members who have become inactive, don’t forget to reMEMBER.

Of course, inviting or retaining members sometimes requires a little flexibility. Check out our flexible membership options here.