Rediscover your community's needs

Community SurveyCommunities change constantly. People move. Families grow. New organizations arrive. The best Kiwanis clubs evolve with the times.

Kiwanis clubs change too as new members and leaders offer new ideas and visions of how Kiwanis can support the community’s needs.

Community surveys help your club learn about its service impact, partnership opportunities and possibilities for expansion. Scheduling surveys annually keeps the club’s service relevant and helps evolution feel natural.

To get started, download the rediscovering your community tool. It will walk you through the steps of conducting a helpful survey.

Step 1: Create contact lists

Brainstorm to identify community members who could provide the most useful information. These individuals may be partners or business and community leaders—anyone whose opinion will help your club understand where members’ hearts and hands are most needed.

Step 2: Identify team members

Put together small teams to conduct interviews. Look for members who are eager to learn and comfortable interviewing people.

Step 3: Schedule and conduct interviews

Ask about the community’s needs. What makes the community great? Where could it use improvement? How can Kiwanis help?

Step 4: Debrief and reflect

How can your club make itself even stronger and more relevant? Collect the input from the interviews and discuss ideas for potential new service projects or fundraisers, partnerships or sponsorships and even potential new members at the next membership committee meeting.