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Kick Start

When you realize that every new member of Kiwanis touches the lives of approximately 200 children a year, you start to understand the importance of bringing our message and mission to more people in our communities. We all could use a Kick Start.

The Formula's new Kick Start program is all about motivating Kiwanis members to start the year off strong. We want more hearts and hands to join us in serving children around the world. If every North American district brings in 100 new members we will build momentum toward making 2016-17 our strongest year yet! 

Every time you sponsor a new member to a new or existing club between September 25 and November 30, you receive an entry for our drawing to win two round-trip airfare tickets! Your entries will be recorded through the club secretary dashboard (if the new member joins an existing club) or through the club opening tool (if the new member joins a new club). Click here to view the Kick Start standings.
View the Top Ten list here.

Additional resources have been developed to help you spread the word about the Kick Start initiative. You can find a link to images, quick Kick Start guide and a more detailed overview of the initiative here.

So what are you waiting for? Share your love for Kiwanis and greatly impact the future of Kiwanis and our communities by Kick Starting the new Kiwanis year.

Download our Kick Start images to use on your websites and social media pages!

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