Flexible membership options

Flexible Membership OptionsThings change. That’s why Kiwanis offers alternative membership options. Explore some ways to add members, not paperwork—and to keep current members engaged.


Corporate membership

Your club can offer corporate memberships to local organizations or companies.

How it works:
  • The organization joins the club as a member like an individual ordinarily would through a representative. 
  • The company is represented at meetings and events by a designated employee. 
  • If the designated employee changes jobs, a new employee can be designated to take his or her place without being charged a new member fee.

For companies interested in corporate social responsibility, this membership is appealing because of the value of affiliation with a well-respected service organization. The club wins too: The member represents company interests within the club and develops a relationship between the company, Kiwanis and other community groups.

Satellite members

Satellite members are an extension of your club. They typically meet at another time and often operate independently. They help clubs expand into a new area or demographic—particularly if the group isn’t large enough yet to become its own club.

How it works:
  • Both the host club and its satellite members establish the guidelines of the relationship. 
  • The host club’s board authorizes service and fundraising activities, and maintains financial oversight.
  • By retaining the affiliation to the parent club, satellite members remain focused on their service impact rather than administrative concerns—making it a great option for busy lifestyles. 
  • Since they are still part of the host club, satellite members enjoy the benefits of Kiwanis, including elected positions, attendance at conventions, Kiwanis magazine and insurance coverage.