Building leadership

Building Leadership

Cultivate leadership potential in everyone

  • Invite new members who are “doers.” Encourage them to give input for club activities and empower them to take action. 
  • Monitor accomplishments. Encourage members who took an active role in the success of a project or fundraiser to continue developing their skills by leading committees or taking on future roles as a club director or officer.  
  • Appreciate jobs well done. Recognizing members and leaders for their hard work provides a “paycheck” for their service and often encourages future action. 
  • Promote mentoring. Encourage members showing interest in a leadership role to shadow the person currently filling the role.

What to look for

Among other things, great leaders are:
  • Skilled listeners. They ask the right questions and listen carefully to the responses. 
  • Problem solvers. They know how to determine the right steps to take and what resources to use to address concerns. 
  • Passionate advocates. Their commitment to the Kiwanis mission is contagious. 
  • Visionaries. They inspire others to follow them even when they cannot see the end result.  
  • Change agents. They provide sufficient stability for the organization to operate while catalyzing transformation. 
  • Master communicators. They tell stories in a compelling and interesting way. 
  • Do-ers. They’re action-oriented, focusing on taking initiative and leading.

Prepare leaders for success

People are more willing to commit—and become better leaders—when they know the expectations of the position. Here are some keys for helping them:
  • Establish a club culture. Set expectations for club leaders by setting them for the club itself—so people know they’ll be supported with training and education, recognized for their achievements and encouraged to work toward success. 
  • Develop a multi-year strategic plan. When the club has goals, people know how to work toward success. 
  • Provide orientation and training. Prepare people for their specific positions. A number of educational resources are available from Kiwanis International: