Request a club coach

When you love something, you want to share it—because you want to strengthen it. For Kiwanis clubs, that’s what The Formula is all about. For new and established clubs alike, club coaches help can you create the kind of experience you can’t help but want to share.

Who are they?

Most coaches are past governors, lieutenant governors or presidents. They have experience you can trust—and they have gone through specialized training to help them help you. They have unique insights and informed perspectives. They can share ideas from other clubs. They can point out opportunities they’ve learned from experience. They can offer the kinds of advice and suggestions they’ve gained from being members and leaders.

What do they do?

Club coaches are mentors, coaches, visionaries. They’re advisers, but they’re also listeners. Instead of bringing a cookie-cutter approach, your club’s coach:

• Takes time to learn your club’s specific goals and concerns
• Provides guidance
• Links you to resources
• Supports your work as you plan and strategize

To ensure that your club gets the best assistance, club coaches stay up to date on best practices. Request a visit from a club coach here.