Achieving Club Excellence—the home edition

Working together, a group of committed Kiwanians can do anything. Is your club working together? ACE tools can get you there! Each tool includes exercises designed to create dialogue, gain perspective and lead you to ask insightful questions that will help your club remain relevant, impactful and strong.

Find the tools you need based on this list of common concerns.

Your club is unsure of its purpose in community. Creating the purpose
Developing community partnerships
Members of your club seem disinterested or dissatisfied. Measuring Member Satisfaction
Analyzing your impact
Celebrating success
Your club is losing members. Measuring Member Satisfaction
Hosting an open house
Your club wants to become more visible in the community.  Developing community partnerships
Rediscovering your community
Analyzing your impact
Your club’s signature service project is losing member interest.  Rediscovering your community
Measuring Member Satisfaction
Analyzing your impact
Your club’s annual fundraiser is netting less than it used to.  Analyzing your impact
Your club has ideas but needs direction or goals. Planning for excellence
Rediscovering your community
Club scorecard
Analyzing your impact
Your club needs ideas about how and how often to recognize individual and club accomplishments.  Celebrating success
Your club wants to increase its capacity to serve the community by adding more members.  Hosting an open house