Official charter paperwork

Official Charter Paperwork

Step 3 for opening a new Kiwanis club includes completing the official paperwork and submitting fees. Then Kiwanis International will assign the new club a key number, issue a charter certificate and present awards to be used at the charter ceremony.

Here are the forms and fees a new club will need to complete or pay. All of the items—except for the information sheet—are due to Kiwanis International within 30 days of the club’s organization date.

  • New-club information sheet: Report this information online or by fax to the Kiwanis International Office within 24 hours of the organization meeting. That way, our member services department can process your paperwork as quickly as possible to get your club chartered. 
  • Permanent organization roster: Fill in the names and complete addresses of those who have joined as of the date of the organizational meeting. An official club roster is sent back once the club is processed. (Download a PDF version of the roster.) 
  • Standard Form for Club Bylaws: Complete your club’s bylaws and submit them for review and approval to Kiwanis International. Once approved, you have access to your club bylaws online and can update them at any time. 
  • New-club fees: Submit fees for new members who have joined (as of the date of organizational meeting). If applicable, also include district dues.

This is also the time to consider recognizing and rewarding the efforts of key members of the new-club-opening team by presenting awards at the charter presentation ceremony.