Finances and liability

Finances and Liability



To get a sense of the types of financial obligations that members have in the first and subsequent years, please see our new-club fees worksheet.



In most areas of the world, nonprofit organizations must incorporate or register themselves with a governmental authority. Clubs generally have one year from the date on their charter certificate to complete the appropriate paperwork. Please contact your district secretary to learn more about the requirements for your area.


In North America and the Caribbean, a club may also purchase Directors and Officers Insurance through Kiwanis International after chartering.

Members in the United States and Canada pay an additional $13 fee for general liability insurance and $4 for Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance. General liability covers bodily injury or property damage arising out of a Kiwanis-sponsored function or activity. Learn more about how you are covered.

Bank accounts and tax documentation

Clubs in the United States will be required to have an Employer Identification Number—applied for from the Internal Revenue Service—when opening a bank account.

Here are the documents you’ll need, as well as some guidance on how to complete this process.

* U.S. clubs only