Step 3: Organize

"The enjoyment of opening a new Kiwanis club is just unbelievable. The people that you get to visit and then they want to join, it’s like they’ve been waiting for you to come to them to offer them an experience such as Kiwanis does…It’s very emotionally rewarding. And it’s fun to see how they get established and then grow." — Jimmy McCorlew, Georgia District 
In a few short weeks, the club will be ready to start making an impact. First, it’s time to take care of a few formalities.

2014 Kiwanis (The Formula-Organization) from Kiwanis International on Vimeo.

Make it official

When the group is at least 15 people strong—but preferably twice as strong—it is time to start working on making the club official by adopting bylaws and electing officers and the board of directors.

And in the process of getting there, the fellowship begins. The community leaders that have indicated their interest in chartering a new Kiwanis club in their community participate in a series of meetings that allow them to get to know each other, introduce them to Kiwanis, and start planning exciting initiatives for their community.

A new club has the opportunity to choose the traditional club format, or an alternative format, depending on the club members' interests.

The club opener will report the organization of the new club to Kiwanis International.

Make a difference

Now the real fun begins! Successful, strong members:
  • Love their clubs and host meetings that are fun and informative 
  • Share their Kiwanis story and use it to invite others  
  • Live the Kiwanis experience by providing relevant, rewarding service to their community
  • Create awareness about their impact in the community