Step 2: Invite

“Working and going out in communities and recruiting people is a blast. It’s one of the most rewarding things I can do because you learn a lot about people. You learn a lot about the communities and their different needs.” — Roy Talley, California-Nevada-Hawaii District 

When you love something—when something really matters to you—you want to share it. You want other people to love it with you.

With that passion in mind, the team invites community leaders to expand Kiwanis impact to their area. Team members share their Kiwanis stories and inspire others to create their own. They connect with potential members on a personal level about their interest in supporting community needs.

2014 Kiwanis (The Formula-Invitation) from Kiwanis International

For helpful resources for organizing your club and educating its new leaders, take a look at our club coach toolbox.

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