Step 1: Prepare

“We have to pass on the passion that we have with our mission.  Other people need to see what we’re doing is affecting our children and our youth. And we have an obligation.  When I go to different areas and I see that they do not have a Kiwanis club, then I want their children and their youth to be able to have the same things that the children in my K-Kids club and my Key Club and my Builder’s Club have.”  — Lois Meadows, West Virginia District

Want to get involved with opening a new Kiwanis club? The first step of the club-opening process involves putting together the right team and finding the right community.

2014 Kiwanis (The Formula-Preparation) from Kiwanis International

Contact the club opener

Email to get connected with your local club-opening team.

Form the team

First, bring together the team that will invite new members and organize the club. Here’s the team roster:
  • Certified club opener: Guides the process of opening the club
  • Lieutenant governor: Leads and supports membership initiatives in the division
  • Certified club coach: Mentors the club towards a level of membership stability and strength that positions the club for success in the years to come
  • Sponsoring club: Advises and nurtures the club to ensure its success
  • Kiwanians from nearby communities: Share their Kiwanis stories

What role do you want to play? Newcomers with an enthusiasm for Kiwanis and strong listening skills are always welcome on any club-opening team.

Explore potential communities

Make a list of potential communities that could benefit from a new Kiwanis club. Focus on the needs of the targeted communities and the service impact a new Kiwanis club could have. Use our Community exploration resource to help organize your findings.

To receive resources to help you invite potential members, request the club-opening kit from the club-opening tool.

Ready for Step 2? Invite community leaders to Kiwanis.