Club-opening tool

We are pleased to premiere the club-opening tool as a new way to keep organized during the club-opening process. Whether you want to create schedules for the club-opening team, find or order resources to help you invite potential members or keep tabs on who you've invited, the club-opening tool will make each step of the process as easy as possible. It also offers a quick snapshot of what’s happening with club opening in your district, division and region via the club-opening tracker. For additional tips and information about how to get started, listen to our recent webinar.

What will the club-opening tool do for you?

  • Order the club-opening kit. Receive brochures about Kiwanis, our Service Leadership Programs and other resources that will set you up for success.
  • Simplify the process. If you're new to the process of opening a club, the tool will help set you up for success by guiding you through each step of the process.
  • Keep you organized.  The tool can help you keep track of messages sent to potential members and to the club-opening team. 
  • Put all the referrals in one place. Now all of the referrals obtained through the numerous visits that the club-opening team made can be kept in one place because all of the information is centrally located and shared.
  • Connect potential members to other clubs. If something happens along the way, and you realize that opening a club in this community isn't the right course of action, we can help you offer the potential members the opportunity to join another club.
  • Makes processing faster. Once all of the official charter paperwork can be submitted electronically, your club can be processed even faster.
  • Allows for instantaneous recognition or support. If you lined up 25 potential members in three days, that's cause for celebration. But if things are moving along slower than anticipated, maybe others in your district could lend a hand. Keeping the tool up-to-date allows district team members not only to be aware but to reach out if needed.
  • Get updated materials first. Want to be the first person to see our newest club-opening resources? Look no further.
             Access the club-opening tool