Open a club

“Many years ago when I was asked to help establish a new club, I was nervous … of being rejected or bothering people. I quickly learned it was not at all like this, and in fact, it was fun. Then I heard what the clubs were doing after they were opened. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you realize you had something to do with that group helping a preschool with learning opportunities or hosting Easter egg hunts, 5K walks, food drives, and so forth.”  
— Cathy Szymanski, Pennsylvania District chair of The Formula and past governor

For some Kiwanians, opening new clubs is the greatest service you can perform. It’s no wonder: Club openers carry on the Kiwanis legacy.

2014 Kiwanis (The Formula-Motivation) from Kiwanis International on Vimeo.

New clubs need encouragement and guidance—and that requires access to experienced, effective leaders. That’s the role of the club-opening team. Members of this team—especially sponsoring clubs—benefit too. They gain unique insights, skills and energy they can channel into improving their own club experience.

Members of the club-opening team can use our online club-opening tool as a guide throughout the process and to report progress.

Want to learn more? Our quick-start guide can help you get started with these three simple steps:
1. Prepare: Form your team and explore the community. 
2. Invite: Plan your approach and share your story.
3. Organize: Charter the club and set it up for success.

Want to get involved?

Email to be connected with your local club-opening team. 

Opening a Service Leadership Programs club?

For information on how to open a Circle K International, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids or Aktion Club, explore the Service Leadership Programs chartering toolkit.