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Kiwanis club in action

Feb 01, 2018
hopewell (doctor)

Kiwanis clubs across the globe are using various ways to invite new members to join. Some invite family and friends to an awards night celebration, some hold an open house event specifically for potential members and more and more clubs are shifting their focus to inviting potential members to join the club in service.

This approach seems to be working well for the Kiwanis Club of Hopewell. “Our club is very passionate about hands on service,” says Verna Markes, charter member and current membership chair for the Kiwanis Club of Hopewell, “so we invite prospective new members to service, rather than a club meeting initially.” Markes goes on to explain “In this way they will see and feel our passion for service to our community. But it also let us observe how potential members respond during a project. If they do not seem enthusiastic, it is unlikely that they will be the right fit for our club.”

The club is very focused on service to the community and that has increased awareness of what the Kiwanis club has been able to accomplish. “We are most recognized for our annual dental mission, which services over 600 local children. We also host a summer camp for kids age 8 to 12,  so many people know us from that as well.” Says Markes.

But being visible within the community isn’t the main focus of the club. “We are dedicated to service and making a large impact on the lives of children in our community as we possibly can.” The club also hosts an annual health fair for individuals of all ages and have begun a lasting connection with the Clifton Boys Home. We also enjoy celebrating each other which we believe is just as necessary as volunteering”. 

In addition to inviting potential members to hands on service projects that showcase the passion of the club, there is also a focus on engaging the local and former SLP members. “We encourage them to become members in our club. They bring new ideas and that helps, we are definitely not a club that is stuck in a rut. We enjoy change. We have one former Circle K member in our club who is currently the club secretary, but there are now two SLP prospectives who we believe will sign up soon.” says Markes.

When asked how current members receive the SLP members during meetings and service projects, Markes replies “We consider them the heirs to the throne.”