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Another strong tie to Kiwanis

Dec 18, 2017
janblog2018Kiwanis means many things to many different people. For some, it is a networking opportunity; others want to be more connected with their community’s needs. For Angie Burford, Kiwanis holds an extra special place in her heart.

“I met my husband at Kiwanis,” says 
Burford. “I will always be grateful to Kiwanis for that.” 

Burford's Kiwanis journey began 17 years ago when she joined the Kewanee Kiwanis Club in Illinois. Originally chartered in 1922, the club has a constant presence and impact in the community.

“We sponsor seven Service Leadership Programs: two Key Clubs, two K-Kids, three Builders Clubs," says Burford, "and we have done so for over 52 years.”But members of the Kewanee Kiwanis Club aren’t stopping there.

“We are starting a Circle K club on the campus of (Illinois-based) Black Hawk College. It’s been 15 to 20 years since there was a club on that campus, so we are very excited to introduce Kiwanis to college students again.”

The Kewanee club has a diverse membership of nearly 90 individuals.

“Our club is split 50/50. Half of our membership is male, and the other half is female. We also have a great variance in ages. Members range from late 30s to mid 70s, and while we have our fair share of long-term members, we also have new members who have joined within the last few years and are eager to make an impact in our community.”

Throughout its 95-year history, the Kewanee Kiwanis Club's dedication to the area and its residents has never wavered.

“Our club is very service-focused. We have a strong presence in the community and are known for our commitment to children of all ages and means," says Burford. "We involve our SLPs when we can, so they too understand the positive impact Kiwanians have on individuals we serve.”

Burford looks forward to continuing her Kiwanis journey.

“I am past lieutenant governor and am currently my club’s secretary. I recently became certified in club opening and attended a club-opening blitz in Chicago this past fall. That experience of learning alongside my peers and individuals who also have the same passion for Kiwanis reenergized me. I am excited to work with my club members and those in the community who want to continue to serve the children who need us most.”