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Young Professional Club attracts up and comers

Nov 15, 2017

Kelly Dougherty is no stranger to the Kiwanis family. “I was an active member of my high school’s Key Club and joined Circle K while I was in college,” says Dougherty. After graduation from college, Kelly took a year off from Kiwanis to find a job and get settled in her post college life.

Kiwanis was never far from her mind and once her professional career started, she wanted to get back involved. She became a member of the Madison Heights Kiwanis Club near Royal Oak, Michigan. “I was a member of that club for about 3 years then my best friend, Katy (another former SLP) and I decided we wanted to open a club of our own,” Dougherty says, “We found two clubs to sponsor the Metro Detroit Young Professionals Club and their support was instrumental in our club being successful.”

The Metro Detroit Young Professionals Club started the 2017-18 Kiwanis year with 26 members, which is a net of 7 over the previous Kiwanis year and that growth is attributed to the club’s dynamic and member makeup. “We have the same amount of men and women members and we range in age from early 20’s to late 30’s.”

The club meets once a month and the meetings include topics and speakers that are relevant to club members and by keeping the meetings fun and interactive, the club experiences 84% meeting attendance at each meeting. Not only are the members attending each meeting, but they are actively bringing guests, at least 3 guests at each meeting, which the club views as a tremendous success.

The Metro Detroit Young Professionals Club is focused on service and community involvement across many areas, including partnering with the local Boys & Girls Club, Greening of Detroit, which is an environmental and beautification project and relieving student hunger. “We also sent our first student to Key Leader in 2017,” says Dougherty “and our club is more committed than ever to ensuring more students are able to each year.”

Being a member of a Kiwanis young professionals club, Kelly has seen the value of meeting new people, especially for those who are new to the area. Building friendships through Kiwanis is one of the best part of her club. Continuing her Kiwanis journey has been such a positive experience for Kelly, that she helped open the Greater Lansing Young Professionals club in August 2017 and is working to open the Greater Dearborn Young Professionals Club during the 2017-18 Kiwanis year. “The more clubs that know what young professionals bring to Kiwanis, the better. I’ve personally gained so much by being a member of a young professional Kiwanis club that I want to offer those same benefits to future Kiwanians.”