The Formula recognition program

The Formula recognition program itemsWhat’s your formula for member retention? Showing your members how much they're valued. Maybe it's a formal gesture of appreciation, such as an award presented at a special ceremony. Or it might be a reward for good work that's delivered more casually, even unexpectedly.

However you show your appreciation, doing it helps members feel valued. And it isn't just for club leaders—it is everyone’s responsibility. 

The Formula can help.  The new recognition program* honors Kiwanians for strengthening, opening and helping Kiwanis clubs between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2018. It's also a way for them to show what they've done—and maybe even to inspire others. After all, sharing what we love about Kiwanis is how we ensure that our clubs continue to make a difference in our communities ... and perpetuate Kiwanis service into its second century of service.

The best part? No applications! Individuals or clubs who earn an award will receive it automatically without having to complete any paperwork!**

The awards

The Formula's recognition program honors people in four categories. Click on each of the award names to get specific information about when and how individuals and clubs will be recognized.

  1. The Gift of Kiwanis Award [For member-sponsors]: On average, a Kiwanian gives 36 hours of service to the community each year. Give the gift of service to children by sponsoring a new member—and get recognition for your effort.
  2. Impact Circle [For clubs]: A thriving Kiwanis club is a collaborative achievement. And stronger Kiwanis clubs with an increased number of members can make a bigger difference in their communities. 
  3. Mentors' Circle [For club coaches]: Coaches help new—and existing—clubs increase their potential. The Formula honors their efforts to guide clubs to increased membership.
  4. Legacy Circle [For club openers]: New clubs in new communities are vital for strengthening all Kiwanis clubs. Successful club openers will be honored for their impact on the future of Kiwanis.
 Recognition will occur at the following levels of achievement:***
Level of achievement:  Bronze  Silver
(Net) number of clubs opened or members added: 5 10   20
*These awards are for the duration of The Formula and do not replace the Ruby K and Distinguished awards
**Receipt of these awards is contingent on appropriate documentation in our reporting system. If you have not received an earned award, please contact us so we can make it right! Send your name, the award we missed and mailing address to
***This recognition program remains under development and is subject to change.