July 13–16, 2017
Paris 2017


Unforgettable memories

Feb 02, 2017
Wahib montagnes for site

PARIS is a huge metropolitan city with more than 12.6 million residents. It has a recorded history dating back to 300 BC, just before the Romans invaded.

You should not miss this unique opportunity to visit the city. It boasts many World Heritage monuments that one needs to see: The Eiffel tower, The Cathedral of Notre Dame, The Louvre Museum, The Castle of Versailles, and many others. Also, bear in mind that the front door of the USA is the Statue of Liberty, gifted to America by the French people in 1886, in celebration of the United States’ 100 years of independence.

I was born in Egypt, which is an icon in humankind history. I do not think that there is another city in the world that can compete with the beauty and variety of the historical buildings of Paris and its imperial town planning, not to forget French cuisine, French wines, French painters and, last but not least the French cancan which made its debut in Paris cabarets!

I implore you to take advantage of the hospitality offered to you by the local Kiwanians and the French people. In a very short time you will charmed by their culture, their food and all that Paris has to offer.

The Paris convention and the French culture will leave you with so many unforgettable memories. You should not hesitate for a moment to look into what is offered, and to register for the experience of a lifetime.

Wahib Aladin

Kiwanis International life member, Kiwanis Club of Sion Valais,Switzerland

Photo credit: Photography by Wahib's club mate, Yves Oberlé.