July 13–16, 2017
Paris 2017


Ruby Bridges to speak during Opening Session on July 13

Jun 20, 2016
In 1960, when Ruby Bridges was only six years old, she became one of the first black children to integrate New Orleans’ all-white public school system. Greeted by an angry mob and escorted by federal marshals, Ruby bravely crossed the threshold of this school and into history, initiating the desegregation of New Orleans’ public schools. She held her head high every day, never missing a school day that whole year.
Her walk to the front door of William Frantz Elementary School was immortalized in Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, “The Problem We All Live With,” Robert Coles’ The Story of Ruby Bridges and in the Disney movie Ruby Bridges. In addition, she published Through My Eyes, her own award-winning version of her story.
Throughout her adult life, Ruby has been committed to ensuring that all children have an opportunity to receive a good education. The Ruby Bridges Foundation serves as a national vehicle that emphasizes and promotes the values of tolerance, respect and appreciation of differences.