July 13–16, 2017
Paris 2017


To be elected during 2016–17, for terms beginning 2017–18
(as of March 27, 2017)

PRESIDENT:                 James M. Rochford, Peoria, Illinois, USA
(one to be elected)
PRESIDENT-ELECT:      Florencio C. “Poly” Lat, Metro Manila, Philippines
(one to be elected) 
VICE PRESIDENT (one to be elected)  Announced candidates are:

                                     Arthur N. Riley, Westminster, Maryland, USA
                                     Dewey Smith, Albany, Georgia, USA
                                     Barbara K. Thompson, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
                                     Daniel Vigneron, Howald, Luxembourg
TRUSTEES:  Six (6) trustee offices will be filled as follows:
• UNITED STATES AND PACIFIC CANADA — Three (3) three-year terms to be elected at the 2017 Kiwanis International convention in Paris, France (July 13–16, 2017) by delegates from the United States and Pacific Canada Region. Announced candidates are:
                                    Greg Beard, Alexandria, Louisiana, USA
                                    Charles R. “Chuck” Gugliuzza, Homestead, Florida, USA
                                    Richard “Dick” Olmstead, Lancaster, California, USA
                                    Cathy Szymanski, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
• ASIA-PACIFIC REGION —One (1) three-year term was filled by Peter Kimberley, Australia District, at the 2017 Kiwanis Asia-Pacific conference in Jeju-do, South Korea (March 9–12, 2017) by delegates from Asia-Pacific. 
• AT-LARGE SEAT — One (1) three-year term to be elected at the 2017 Kiwanis International convention in Paris, France, (July 13–16, 2017) by delegates from all regions. Candidates from all regions, except United States and Pacific Canada, are eligible. Announced candidates are: 
                                     Ernest Schmid, Einöde, Austria  
                                     Frans van der Avert, Elsloo, Netherlands
• EUROPE REGION —One (1) two-year term to be elected at the 2017 Kiwanis International-European Federation convention in Paris, France (July 12–16, 2017) by delegates from Europe. Announced candidate is: 
                                      Paul Inge Paulsen, Florvåg, Norway
Canada and the Caribbean Region does not have a guaranteed trustee seat open for the 2017–18 administrative year.
CONTACT: Denise Parker: dparker@kiwanis.org, 1-800-549-2647 or +1-317-217-6245.

Kiwanis clubs in good standing are allowed two representatives in the House of Delegates, along with two alternates. Download the certificate of election of club delegates and alternates to the Kiwanis International convention.

Candidates will be announced as they are declared. Candidates' pages will be posted as information is received from the declared candidates.