July 13–16, 2017
Paris 2017

Education sessions format

This year's education schedule is a concentration of topics geared to get you the information you want without taking time away from where you want to be. Information areas and education topics are aligned so that you can get 45 minutes of education and walk to the back of the room for takeaway items and to ask additional questions.

Thursday's schedule focuses on specific topics with subject matter experts and will have resources available in the same room throughout the day. Saturday's schedule is dedicated to members sharing their best practices to give you great ideas to take home and talk about with your club. 
The following rooms will offer 3 sessions in the morning and repeat those same sessions in the afternoon:
Room 241 - Kiwanis Children's Fund
Room 242A - The Formula (membership)
Room 242B - Service Leadership Programs
Room 251 - #KidsNeedKiwanis
Room 252 - Partners
Room 253 - Kiwanis around the world
These rooms have unique education opportunities in the morning:
Room 243 - General interest topics
Room 342AB - Amendments and Meet the Candidates open house
An idea exchange where members will hear real success stories about their best projects, fundraisers, membership recruitment tactics, marketing efforts, partnering activities and overall club and member experience strategies. These six-minute talks will be brief, yet beneficial. 
First timers! Special, quick session just for you on Thursday morning at 8:20 a.m.!