July 13–16, 2017
Paris 2017

Amendment and resolution proposals 

Don't just have an opinion. Put it into action. Important amendments and resolutions are submitted for votes at the convention every year. As a convention delegate, you'll be a part of the discussion.

Here is a summary of the amendment proposals that have been submitted:


To remove the provision that allows criminal history background checks conducted by districts to be considered equivalent to those conducted by Kiwanis International. (Submitted by the Kiwanis International Board.)
To provide a way for tie votes on elections to be resolved in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. (Submitted by the Kiwanis International Board.) 
To provide that members who belong to more than one club shall pay Kiwanis International and district dues only to their primary club but not their secondary club(s). (Submitted by the Kiwanis Club of Rijn en Gouwe, Netherlands, and the Kiwanis Club of Rheden “de Veluwezoom,” Netherlands.)
To provide for candidate nominations and initial review of proposed amendments and resolutions at the Kiwanis International convention, with final voting permitted to take place online.  (Submitted by the Capital District Board.)
To remove the limitation that only one person from a district may serve on the Kiwanis International Board at the same time. (Submitted by the Kiwanis Club of Springfield-Downtown, Illinois, USA.)
To remove the restriction that a person may not serve on the Kiwanis International Board for one full year after someone else from the same district has left service on the Board (the ‘dark year’ provision). (Submitted by the Kiwanis Club of Springfield-Downtown, Illinois, USA.)

WITHDRAWN BY THE CLUB To revise the minimum number of members necessary to open a new club from 15 to 20. (Submitted by the Kiwanis Club of Meridian Hills, Indiana, USA.)

If you plan to represent your club as a delegate in 2017, it's easy to prepare. Download the certificate of election of club delegates and alternates.

If your club wishes to propose an amendment to the Kiwanis International Bylaws or a resolution to be considered by the House of Delegates, consult the guidelines for making a proposal. 
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