July 13–16, 2017

Let's rendezvous.

See you in the City of Light!

  • Paris convention remains as planned

    Kiwanis International looks forward to welcoming Kiwanians and guests to the 2017 Kiwanis International convention in Paris as planned. If you or anyone else receives a call or email suggesting the convention will be cancelled, please know this is not ...
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  • Two Americans in Paris


    Visiting Paris for the first time this July? See the 102nd Annual Kiwanis International Convention host city through the eyes of another first-timer.

    Indianapolis fashion and lifestyle blogger Sarah Moreland Byrne documents her experiences in Europe, including a week in ...
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  • Brief overview of the France-Monaco District

    Kiwanis_Evreux resized for web
    In 2015–2016, the Kiwanis France-Monaco District raised €2,314,320 and pledged more than 148,963 hours of volunteer service to help children.

    Number of Kiwanians: 4,400
    Number of clubs: 250
    Proportion of men and women: 76% men, 24% women
    Average age: 59 ...
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  • A memorable gala evening

    The Love Beatles

    SOLD OUT On July 14, Paris celebrates Bastille Day. That evening, the Kiwanis International-European Federation is hosting a gala evening at the hotel Le Méridien Etoile, and all Kiwanis convention attendees are invited!
    Europeans will purchase tickets as part ...
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  • Unforgettable memories

    Wahib montagnes for site

    PARIS is a huge metropolitan city with more than 12.6 million residents. It has a recorded history dating back to 300 BC, just before the Romans invaded.

    You should not miss this unique opportunity to visit the city. It boasts many World ...

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  • Be there or be square

    Throughout my time in our great organization, I have been asked “how did you become so involved In Kiwanis and what drove you towards it?” I can honestly say that it was because I had the opportunity to attend my ...
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  • An American bride's first Christmas in France

    Photo repas Noël

    I am indebted to my husband’s cousin, Marie-France, for teaching me how to celebrate a French Christmas, a necessary skill when you marry into a French family. Forty years ago, I was an American wife newly married to a handsome ...

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  • "Oh! What a trip this will be."

    In 1930, Kiwanians traveled from Iowa to Paris, France. Take a look at the promotional brochure below. See how things have changed, and how surprisingly similar they still are...

    Shenandoah 2 resizedShenandoah tour 3 resized

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  • Ask for an autograph, make a friend

    Signing program book

    During the Toronto convention, those who were interested could gather autographs from Kiwanians living in ten different countries in exchange for a small gift (a shiny Eiffel Tower keyring!). They were asked to return a page of their convention program ...
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  • Two conventions in one

    Palais des congrès
    In 2017, Paris will host not only the Kiwanis International convention, but also the Kiwanis International European Federation convention.

    Want to learn more about the federation? Check out the website

    The Kiwanis International European Federation will host a ...
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  • Ruby Bridges to speak during Opening Session on July 13

    In 1960, when Ruby Bridges was only six years old, she became one of the first black children to integrate New Orleans’ all-white public school system. Greeted by an angry mob and escorted by federal marshals, Ruby bravely crossed the ...
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