June 23–26, 2016


Become a sergeant-at-arms

Consider volunteering for the Sergeant-at-Arms Committee. Sergeants-at-arms play an important role by providing logistical assistance and support at all sessions, forums and events. They enjoy a behind-the-scenes role—with plenty of time left over to enjoy other convention activities. Make sure to indicate your wish to be a sergeant-at-arms on your registration form.

Become a volunteer from the host district, Eastern Canada & Caribbean

Consider volunteering with the Host Committee. Members put their regional knowledge to use, performing tasks such as advising Kiwanians about things to do in Toronto and surrounding regions and around the convention site, staffing the registration desk and more. Plus you get a discounted registration rate. Members are asked to perform a minimum of three volunteer hours. The registration form allows you to sign up as a volunteer.

NOTE: The Sergeant-At-Arms Committee is separate from the convention Host Committee. Being a sergeant-at-arms does not entitle you to the host committee volunteer rate.