June 23–26, 2016

M.A. “Fred” Dietze, Hudson, Wisconsin, USA


My 20-year U.S. Army career was spent in a wide range of leadership and senior staff positions. After retiring from the military, I worked in several human resources positions and subsequently successfully ran my own human resources and management consulting business. Now retired, I focus my time on Kiwanis.

Why did you decide to run for office? 

I’m “hooked on Kiwanis” and dedicated to our youth in the Service Leadership Programs. These young people are our future and have the potential to see us through our next 100 years. For Kiwanis to grow as a strong international organization, the bond between Kiwanis International and the clubs must be strengthened.

What qualifies you to become an officer of Kiwanis International? 

My military and civilian careers enable me to identify challenges and develop solutions. As governor, I established a restructuring plan to create clear and direct lines of communication between clubs and the district. I build personal relationships easily and am adept at rallying support for concepts, ideas and projects. 

How will you leave your mark on Kiwanis? 

My mark on Kiwanis will be measured by three things: An increase in the number of clubs that support our Service Leadership Programs, improved openness between the Kiwanis International Board/staff and the individual clubs and districts and a turnaround in membership losses.

Connect with Fred on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Consult his campaign website.
For more information, email Lena Scheibengraber, Fred's campaign manager, at Lena@freddietze.com.