June 23–26, 2016

Bert West, Divide, Colorado, USA


Bert is a third generation Kiwanian and has been a member since 1988 with 27 of years of perfect attendance. He’s been club president three times, lieutenant-governor twice, and is a past governor. He’s been married to Sandy for 30 years and has two daughters, Megan and Lauren, and “The Wonder Dog” Ace. 

Why did you decide to run for office? 

I am passionate about this organization! Its rich history and traditions and its potential for the future excite me! I want to help clubs further their goals of implementing the Kiwanis objectives and serving their communities. I am ready to be a champion for our clubs and all of the amazing things they accomplish.  

What qualifies you to become an officer of Kiwanis International? 

TENACITY! I have the tenacity to do what is right at the Kiwanis International level and what is necessary to advance Kiwanis for another hundred years. My passion for Kiwanis and Kiwanians of all tenure is second to none! Additionally, my successful business experience will be beneficial in the board room.

How will you leave your mark on Kiwanis? 

I will always lead by example, with a service driven life. Together, we can ensure that our Kiwanis clubs become critically relevant to the communities they serve! As trustee, I will work diligently with the board to help advance Kiwanis well into the future.

Connect with Bert on Facebook. Contact Bert at bwest422@gmail.com.