June 23–26, 2016
At The Microphone

Amendment and resolution proposals

Don't just have an opinion. Put it into action. Important amendments and resolutions are submitted for votes at the convention every year. As a convention delegate, you'll be a part of the discussion.

If you plan to represent your club as a delegate in 2016, it's easy to prepare. Download the certificate of election of club delegates and alternates. 

If your club wishes to propose an amendment to the Kiwanis International Bylaws or a resolution to be considered by the House of Delegates, consult the guidelines for making a proposal. Any new proposals submitted after October 31, 2015, cannot be considered until the 2017 convention in Paris.

Download the amendments booklet.

Here are the current proposed amendments to be discussed and voted on during the 2016 Kiwanis International convention:

1 – Auxiliary bodies Purpose: To eliminate obsolete and potentially confusing wording regarding auxiliary bodies of Kiwanis International.

2 – Use of Kiwanis name and marks
Purpose:  To clarify Kiwanis International authority regarding use of the Kiwanis name and marks as it relates to foundations and other affiliated entities, including intellectual property.

3 – Kiwanis International affiliates and subsidiaries
Purpose:  To codify Kiwanis International “affiliates,” which are regions or other groups composed of clubs and districts, and “subsidiaries,” which are wholly-owned organizations and business entities.

4 – District treasurer
Purpose: To revise the term and selection process for district treasurers in order to align districts with Kiwanis International’s strategic plan and provide better oversight over district funds, assets, and financial operations.

5 – Annual adjustment option for Kiwanis International dues

Purpose: To provide that Kiwanis International dues may be adjusted by no more than US$2 annually, with a cap of US$5 over a five-year period, to keep up with inflation. (Read more about this amendment.)

6 – Secure web-based voting for Kiwanis International business
Purpose: To provide that the business of Kiwanis International decided by delegates will be conducted by secure electronic voting, thereby giving an equal voice to all Kiwanis clubs.

7 – Tiered dues

Purpose: To base tiered dues on a percentage of the gross national income of the U.S.

8 – Members who belong to more than one club
Purpose: To provide that members who belong to more than one Kiwanis club shall only pay Kiwanis International and district dues to their primary club.

9 – Life membership status fee
Purpose: To provide a variable life membership status fee based on the member’s age.

10 – Foundations, charitable funds, and other affiliated entities

Purpose: To clarify Kiwanis International’s authority regarding foundations and affiliated entities.

11 – Delegate verification process for electronic balloting

Purpose: To add specific processes to the bylaws regarding electronic balloting at Kiwanis International conventions.

NOTE: All proposals are considered tentative until official notice is sent to clubs 90 days before the convention begins.