June 23–26, 2016


Become an expert on Kiwanis: Attend a convention.

Engage and exchange with other Kiwanians. Gather tools you will use once you're back with your club. And make sure your club has a voice: Vote for the future leaders of Kiwanis and weigh in on proposed amendments. If you plan to be a delegate for your club, fill out the certificate of election of club delegates and alternates to the Kiwanis International convention.

But Kiwanis conventions aren't all about business. You'll experience inspiring speakers and entertainers, and you'll be able to purchase tickets for additional meal and fellowship events. And of course, the fellowship is foremost during the convention. Come meet old friends and make new ones in Toronto!

Experience the convention

PowerPoints and presentations

  • #KIDSNEEDKIWANIS - Unrolling the new #KIDSNEEDKIWANIS communication brand campaign

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Key Clubs - Come learn what high-performing Key Clubs do, based upon a recent, wide-ranging study. Help your Key Club move from good to great with some simple and effective practices learned from our best Key Clubs.

  • Annual Meeting - The Kiwanis International Foundation hosted their annual meeting at the 2016 international convention.

  • At Risk Members - The secret behind healthy change and transitions in clubs; Linda Lawther

  • Beyond Sponsorship - Service Leadership Programs are one of the best thing Kiwanis is doing, has done, and will ever do. And if you fully embrace your role as sponsor, then you'll find that three powerful things happen to the members you inspire. Learn ways to be the sponsor your SLP clubs deserve.

  • Branding - How to put your best foot forward when using the Kiwanis brand

  • Club and District Foundation Leaders Roundtable - What issues and challenges has your club or district foundation experienced?

  • Club Liability Insurance - Are your club leaders familiar with the Kiwanis liability insurance program? This is a good place to start. Learn about loss-prevention techniques, what to do in case of an accident, and what is (and isn't) covered.

  • Club Membership Committee - Providing you with guidnce as your club meets established membership goals

  • Conflict and Change; The Formula - The secret behind healthy change and transitions in clubs; Cathy Tutty

  • Create a Successful Membership Team - Learn how to take your membership team to the next level. Achieve lasting results by involving your lieutenant governor, club counselor and members.

  • Directors and Officers Insurance - Nobody expects to be involved in a lawsuit. But insurance is designed to cover the unforeseen. Since 2014, clubs in the U.S. and Canada have automatically benefited from insurance for their directors and officers. Learn more about the coverage and what to do in the event of a potential claim.

  • Effective Formula Team - How to build an effective formula team by utilizing the team members in their jobs; Bob Mitch

  • Finding the Next Generations Leaders - How to find the right initial leaders for your club; Amy Zimmerman

  • Getting the Grant - Learn how to apply for the grant you need for your mission

  • ICON Paris - General information about the 2017 International Convention in Paris

  • Improving Your Impact - Looking to improve your foundation’s grant program? Don't know where to start? Join us for a discussion on best practices for foundation grantmaking programs. Take home easy-to-implement methods. Learn where to find low-cost resources. Gain confidence in your ability to implement change.

  • Kiwanis International Strategic Plan - The Kiwanis I-Plan is our new strategic plan. Get informed with this high-level overview of the Kiwanis International strategic plan.

  • Live It! (Malaysia) - Is your club making a difference in the community? Are your members happy? Join us at this "how to" session. Learn how to make your Kiwanis club vibrant. Leave with tools that will change your club.

  • Meet in the Middle - Middle school rocks. Thanks to Builders Club, Kiwanis is leading the paradigm shift away from middle school as a time to survive—and turning it into a time to thrive. It's time your club joined the movement. Here's how.

  • Member Benefits - Member benefits are available exclusively to Kiwanis members and their spouses. Perks include discounted products, cash-back incentives and access to personalized global adventures. Learn about our latest offerings: Kiwanis Insurance, Kiwanis VISA Rewards and Kiwanis Travel.

  • Ready! Set! Go! - Understanding the duties and benefits of Lieutenant Governor.

  • Securing Your Legacy - You insure your valuables. Why not your values? A planned gift is just that—a way to ensure your values forever with an organization you know and love. Learn more about the most common gift-planning tools, and how to make your generosity part of your legacy.

  • Share It! (Young Professionals) - Learn how to engage young professionals with the Kiwanis mission—and how to successfully invite them to be part of your club and its cause.

  • Share It; The Formula ICON 2016 - Learn specific and creative ways of using social media, external communication techniques and more to share your club with the community; Carson Schreiber

  • Signature Projects - Understanding what signature projects are and how to use them

  • Social Media - You've heard the words but may not know what they mean. You've seen them on their phones but don't understand what could possibly keep their attention for that long. This session will describe some of the biggest trends in social media—and it may influence how you engage with SLP members.

  • The Business Case for the I-Plan - This is a proposal to ensure the financial viablility and responsible stewardship

  • Tips from the Kiwanis Club of Tuscola, IL - Learn simple tips that help your members leave their meetings with smiles on their faces; Davis and Janet Butler

  • Youth Protection Guidelines - As an organization of volunteers who work with children, Kiwanians must act according to the highest standards. That's why we have the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines. Learn what all Kiwanians need to know—in order to protect ourselves and the youth we serve.