Scholarship frequently asked questions

Applying for a college scholarship can take time, but the effort can be well worth it. There are a few things you can do to prepare to apply for scholarships disbursed by the Kiwanis Children's Fund. We encourage you to read this information before completing your application.

Important: The Children's Fund only has information regarding the scholarship awards we disburse. We do not have information on scholarships offered through Kiwanis districts or clubs. If you have questions regarding a scholarship award that is not listed below, contact your school or the person with whom you have previously communicated for additional information.

Who can apply?
For all scholarship opportunities distributed by the Children's Fund, only members in good standing of Circle K International and Key Club International completing their final year of high school may apply. Review each scholarship application carefully for any additional requirements which may apply.

I'm in Key Club but I don't graduate this year. Can I still apply for scholarships now?
No, scholarship awards are only for graduating seniors. Check our website on December 1 of your final year in high school for available scholarship opportunities.

I am not a member of Key Club or CKI. Do you have any scholarships I can apply for?
Scholarship awards distributed by the Children's Fund are only for members of Key Club and CKI. Check with your school for additional scholarship opportunities you may qualify for, including any scholarships offered by your local Kiwanis club.

I'm a Kiwanis member with a son/daughter graduating high school this year. Are there any scholarships available for him/her?
Not at this time. Scholarship eligibility criteria is determined by each donor when they establish their donor advised fund. Currently all donors have restricted their scholarship awards to members of Key Club and CKI.

When can I apply?
Scholarship opportunities are posted on our website by December 1 each year. You will see the previous year’s scholarship applications on our website until they are updated in December. Please wait until the new scholarship opportunities are posted in December to ask questions and begin the application process.

How do I apply?
Download the application for each scholarship opportunity for which you would like to apply. Fill out the application electronically and mail your complete application packet to the address listed.

Can I include additional information in my application packet, such as a resume, photo, additional letters of recommendation, etc.?
No, only include the items requested in your application packet. Sending extra items in your application packet will disqualify your application from consideration.

Can my school mail my transcript directly? What about my letters of reference?
No, you must include all required items in your application packet to be considered. Application requirements may not be sent separately or via email.

When are scholarship applications due?

Scholarship applications must be received by March 15 for consideration. To ensure your envelope is received in time, don’t wait to the last minute to mail it.

Will I be notified when my application packet is received or can I ask you to check?
Each scholarship fund receives hundreds of application packets, so it is not possible for us to check on the arrival of a particular application.   

How will I find out if I was selected for a scholarship?
Scholarship recipients are personally notified by May 31. A full list of scholarship recipients will be listed on the Kiwanis Children's Fund website by July 1.

Will I be notified if I am not selected for a scholarship?
No, only recipients are notified individually. However, you may visit our website after July 1 to see a full list of scholarship recipients.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact the Kiwanis Children's Fund with any questions at