District Grant program

Eligible Kiwanis International districts can apply for a short-term grant from the Kiwanis Children's Fund equal to five percent of total unrestricted gifts made during the previous administrative year. This includes gifts from individuals, clubs and other entities within a district.

What they support:

Districts may use grants to fund activities which recognize the generosity of Kiwanis Children's Fund donors, promote our organization at one major conference annually and/or provide scholarships to deserving students.

How they’re funded:

For the 2016–17 year, grant amounts equal five percent of total unrestricted gifts made to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund during the 2015–16 administrative year.

How districts request funds:

This grant program is by invitation only. Program information is sent to Kiwanis Children's Fund district chairs for eligible districts. Each district chair coordinates the grant program on behalf of his/her district.

Important dates to note:

November/December: Program information and online grant application link sent to Children's Fund district chairs
March 1: Deadline for Children's Fund district chairs to submit grant applications and IRS forms
September 1: Deadline to spend grant funds and submit grant reports

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