Honor and memorial gifts

Kiwanians are inspired to give. But sometimes it’s not just a matter of what inspires them, but who. The Kiwanis Children's Fund gives individuals and clubs alike a chance to make a gift that honors—or remembers—someone special. Be sure to check the box and provide the details of your honor or memorial gift on the form. A notification card will be sent upon request (no gift amount will be shown).

Kiwanis Leadership Society

If you’ve been inspired by someone who has made a significant difference, show your appreciation with a US$250 Kiwanis Leadership Society gift. When you make the gift in his or her honor, you or your club will induct the honoree into the society. Consider outgoing club presidents or other officers, district governors or lieutenant governors, charter club members—or any friend, family member or fellow Kiwanian who deserves appreciation.

You can also become a Kiwanis Leadership Society member yourself by making a gift in your own name.

Tablet of Honor

Honor or memorialize someone with a gift of US$2,000 or more. When you do, honorees (or their family members) receive the Tablet of Honor, which notes that a gift was made in their name. Pay tribute to an individual, couple, club, company or organization. It’s a particularly effective show of appreciation in the event of a death, anniversary or other significant occasion.