Nat Watson’s gifts help children in many places, many ways

Known to friends as “Nat,” Linwood Watson knows the impact of giving. In fact, he’s seen it in action.

Watson is both a longtime Kiwanis-club member and a loyal member of the Kiwanis International Foundation. His generosity includes years of annual gifts, as well as a planned gift. So it’s especially gratifying for Watson when he sees the impact of his gifts in his own hometown—and even in his club activities.

For instance, gifts to our foundation help support Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs, such as Builders Club for middle school students. One of Watson’s favorite Kiwanis moments involved a local Builders Club sponsored by his own club—the Kiwanis Club of Shepherd Park, Washington, D.C.

Nat’s fish story

Some great memories were created when members of both clubs went fishing with local children who have learning disabilities.

“It was a catch-and-release program, and the kids were very excited about learning how to bait the hooks, catching the fish and releasing them,” Watson says. “We saw light—we saw joy from those kids. A lot of them had never been fishing, so it was a great experience.”

In fact, the fishing trip was an example of why Watson is a proud member of the Kiwanis family. And it continues to be a great example of the impact he has on children’s lives, thanks to his gifts to the Kiwanis International Foundation.

“It’s going towards the youth,” he says. “The future’s very important to me, and Kiwanis gives me a good outlet for helping the youth of America.”

For that reason, Watson has also specifically supported Circle K International, for university students, through our foundation’s Carthage Pullman Fund.

Today, tomorrow, forever

Watson helps children today with his annual gifts. He will help them forever with his planned gift. Thanks to The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus, he’ll also have an impact on tomorrow.

As a donor to the Kiwanis family’s Global Campaign for Children, Watson is helping to save and protect women and their babies. The campaign is our opportunity to raise US$110 million by 2015—to help eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth.

For Watson, improving children’s lives even beyond his own area has long been part of the appeal of membership—both in Kiwanis and in our foundation. For example, in addition to holding every executive leadership position in his Kiwanis club, Watson has served in leadership roles in the Capital District, including a year as its governor in 2003–04.

“We’re an international organization,” he says. “So we should support the activities of the organization because it’s bigger than just the club level. I always feel that if you’re going to be a part of the organization, part of the change, you should also be committing your resources.”

Join Nat in giving

The Kiwanis International Foundation is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Kiwanis-family clubs, members and other friends of our foundation who help shape a better future for children. Gifts of all sizes are deeply appreciated. Support the Kiwanis International Foundation today.